Zizzona Buffalo Mozzarella 1Kg


Main Info:

Flavour profile: Milky, Delicate, Unique

Description: Battipaglia Buffalo Mozzarella is well known throughout the world for being the most consumed mozzarella in Italy, having won several awards, and being a part of the exclusive IGP Italian products.

The Zizzona is a giant format of Buffalo Mozzarella, originally from Battipaglia, with a variable weight (from 1kg to 10kg) and a shape that resembles a prosperous female breast, hence the name "Zizzona" in Italian. It has a unique taste since it is made from buffalo milk.

Rich in calcium and high in protein without preservatives, super nutritious and incredibly fresh. The unique and remarkable flavour will differentiate it from anything you have tried before.

Our Recommendation: Buffalo mozzarella can be used in a variety of dishes, together with pasta, salads, pizza, desserts, and more.

We stick to the product's authenticity, recommending that it be consumed in a salad to allow you to taste the perfect balance of flavours, unlike any Mozzarella you've tried before.

Allergens: Dairy

Delivery Time: Order by Wednesday for it to be ready for collection on the following Monday. Order by Friday to be ready for collection on the following Thursday.