Pasta Masterclass - Ticket x1 - 31/07/2024 @ 18:45 - BenVenuti Wimbledon



An unique occasion to discover all the insides of the Italian tradition of Pasta making and authentic forgotten recipes. Meet Sofia Gallo, competitor and winners of the national competition of Masterchef, creating an incredible collaboration with BenVenuti Food Boutique.

“BenVenuti and Sofia shares many common interest and principles, but most important the love and culture of their heritage, being Italian is a Principle of life!”

The recipes:

An unique touch straight to the origin, the Region of Campania where Sofia comes from, here a very simple but delicious recipe inherited from Sofia’s Nan.


What are we going to make?

-Freshly made semolina Gnocchi with Homemade Pestp


What the Ticket includes;

-2 Hrs Pasta Masterclass

-Drinks during the Masterclass

-Aperitif Bites

-Cooking and Eating the delicious recipe


When and Where?

-31st of July at 18:45pm 

-BenVenuti Wimbledon, 146 Arthur Road, SW19 8AQ