Tenuta Fiorano - Fioranello Rosso 2017



Main Info:

Origin: Lazio

Producer: Tenuta Fiorano

Aged: 2017

Flavour profile: The aromas are full and persistent and recall black fruits such as blackberry and blueberry,

Size: 0.75 L

Description: The Red Wine "Fioranello" of Tenuta di Fiorano we like for that olfactory impact that goes straight like a melt on fruity notes, and then open to spices after a few moments, with an almost touching frankness. It is not a wine which reveals itself after long waits, but which is presented in this way, very pleasing and sincere from the first swirl of a glass, and then allowing itself in the same way in all its gustatory verve. It does not disappoint the sip, which remains well balanced, endowed with that freshness and sapidity that make it a sublime companion throughout the meal.

Our Recommendation: It is an ideal red to accompany dishes of good complexity. Try it with stuffed guinea fowl or roast veal in the oven.

Allergens: N/A