Gianni Gagliardo - Barolo 2016


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Main Info:

Origin: Piedmont

Producer: Gianni Gagliardo

Vintage: 2016

Flavour profile: Rich, Fruity, Medium to Full Body

Size: 700ml

Grape: Nebbiolo


Description: 2016 was one of the latest vintages in recent years. A winter with mild temperatures and little rainfall preceded a fresh and rainy spring which caused a certain delay in the phenological cycle of the vine. In August, September and October the weather was excellent and allowed the grape to ripen perfectly, benefiting from both the spring water reserves and a marked temperature range which is very important for a good maturation of the tannins. The Nebbiolo vine "loves" this type of vintage.

Gianni Gaglairdo Barolo is an incredible wine, a great choice with a unique flavour profile. Pure, ripe, intense, with aromas of red cherry, spice, tar, palate is firm but very elegant and complex. 


This vintage produced 31.756 bottles and 300 magnums. 2016 was a very good year for Barolo, which expresses elegance and good complexity. Thanks to the perfect phenolic ripening of the grapes, Barolo Gianni Gagliardo shows a fresh and vibrant elegance even in his youth.

The history of the Gianni Gagliardo estate can be traced back to 1847, when the Colla family first began working vineyards in the area. At that stage, grapes were sold to other local winemakers. However, in the 1960s, fourth generation grape grower Paolo Colla took matters in to his own hands and began to bottle his own wine.


Our Recommendation:  Great with to be paired with game meat, lamb and steaks. Unique with aged and blue cheeses.

Serve between 16ºC and 18ºC


Allergens: Sulphites