Federico Graziani - Etna Rosso 2018


Main Info:

Origin: Sicily

Producer: Federico Graziani

Vintage: 2018

Flavour profile: Medium Body, Fruity, Dry

Grape: Nerello Macelese & Nerello Cappuccio

Size: 700ml


Description: Very bright, fragrant on the nose, it opens with notes of red fruit, strawberries and raspberries enveloped in a citrusy freshness of mandarin and a pleasant mineral finish. It closes with a hint of vanilla, notes of cardamom and lightly spiced white chocolate. 


Federico Graziani vineyards follow the traditional model known as 'alberello viticulture', which is typical of the Etna area. The vines are not arranged in rows: each is treated as an individual plant and placed at an equal distance from the others on all sides, supported by a chestnut post.

This ensures more room for the roots, better irradiation and ventilation, and a geometry that makes pruning and harvesting easier – two activities that are still chiefly carried out by hand. After all, a well-tended and healthy vine will bear good fruit.

Our Recommendation:  Ideal to be paired with light pasta dishes, grilled vegetables, red meat and poultry. Prepare a delicious aperitif with cold cuts and mild cheeses and enjoy the perfect paring.


Allergens: Sulphites