Ceramic Olive Oil Btl - Vietri Style Decor - 500ml



Main Info:

Origin: Ceramic from Campania, E.V.O.Oil from Tuscany

Size: 500ml

Flavour Profile: Fruity, Peppery, Delicate


Description: When the art of the Amalfi cost meet a premium alimentary product to match in a combination of beauty and goodness!

Quality is the main principle showcased in the manufacture of two high incredible products, Ceramic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The extra Virgin Olive Oil used to be contained in the magic pots, is a D.O.P products from the land of Tuscany, a monocultivar 

Passion and inspiration, ancient manufacturing techniques combined with experimentation, taste and decorative refinement, brush strokes of colors, wisdom and craftsmanship.

A production entirely handmade by expert craftsmen, designers and decorators who interpret the colors and the typical style of the Amalfi Coast with creativity and talent.


It contain Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Our Recommendation: Decor your kitchen and living spaces with unique pieces of art, combine this with colours and style, but mainly find the most preferred decor for you! An incredible piece of art to be used for displaying fruits and treats.