Black truffle and burrata Tortelloni 200/250g (1 portion)


Main Info:

Producer: Local Artisan

Flavour profile: Grainy, Authentic, Al Dente

Size: 250g

Serving Portions: 1 portion

 Description: The Black Truffle and Burrata Tortelloni has a rich and indulgent flavor. The earthiness of black truffle perfectly complements the creamy and delicate taste of burrata cheese. The tortelloni are filled with this delightful combination, creating a luxurious and savory experience.

Our Recommendation: The Black Truffle and Burrata Tortelloni pairs well with a variety of ingredients and dishes. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Butter and sage sauce: The simplicity of a butter and sage sauce allows the flavors of the tortelloni to shine.

  2. Parmesan cream: A Parmesan cream adds a salty and creamy note to the dish, enhancing its richness.

  3. Truffle oil drizzle: For an extra boost of truffle flavor, drizzle some truffle oil over the tortelloni before serving.

  4. Roasted mushrooms: The earthiness of roasted mushrooms complements the black truffle in the tortelloni, creating a delicious and aromatic combination.

  5. Fresh herbs: Sprinkle some fresh herbs like parsley or chives on top of the tortelloni for a burst of freshness and added complexity.

  6. White wine: Pair the dish with a crisp and dry white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, to balance the richness and enhance the flavors.

Cooking Instructions: Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.

  1. Carefully add the tortelloni to the boiling water.
  2. Cook the tortelloni according to the package instructions or until they float to the surface, usually around 3-4 minutes.
  3. While the tortelloni are cooking, prepare your desired sauce or accompaniments.
  4. Once cooked, carefully drain the tortelloni.
  5. Plate the tortelloni and serve immediately with your chosen sauce or accompaniments.
  6. Enjoy the rich and indulgent flavors of the Black Truffle and Burrata Tortelloni!

Typical Values Per 100g Per Unit  
Energy 300kcal 750kcal  

Fat 15g 37,5g  
of which: saturates 0.3g 1.5g  
Carbohydrate 30g 75g  
of which: sugars 3.6g 18g  
Fibre 2g 5g  
Proteins 10g 25g  
Salt 0g 0g  
*Reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)