Black Olives Leccino 200g


Main Info:

Origin: Puglia

Flavour profile: Bold, Creamy, Salty

Size: 200grm


Description: The Leccino olive is one of the primary olive cultivar used in the production of Italian olive oil Across Italy, it is one of the primary olive cultivars found in olive groves. The Leccino tree grows well in cooler climates, it grows quickly and has a dense canopy. It tends to be highly productive in the right conditions and has a tendency to grow more like a tree than a bush, which is different from most olive trees.

Harvested from the land of Puglia this great aromatic and extremely versatile olives, are mainly used for cooking.


Our Recommendation: Highly recommended for cooking, combined with tomatoes and fish. The perfect ingredient to make a Puttanesca sauce or a baked Bass. Garnish your favourite salad with those and discover the flavours of Puglia.


Allergens: Sulphites