BenVenuti Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia 500ml


Main Info:

Origin: Puglia

Producer: BenVenuti

Flavour profile: Delicate, Fruity, Peppery

Size: 500ml


Description: 100% italian product made as tradition wants! Unfiltered, Cold Pressed and with only 100% of Italian Cerignola Olives from the land of Puglia! Find the real flavours of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we promise you will not change it anymore.


Ingredients: Cerignola Olives


Our Recommendation: Very versatile product, ideal for cooking and dressing. Add a drizzle on your cooked pasta and enhance authentic flavours! Have you never used E.V.O.Oil for frying? Time to try, use it less and discover new flavours!


Allergens: NA