Acqua Margherita - Still water in TetraPack - 500ml


Main Info:

Origin: Veneto

Producer: Fonte Margerita

Size: 500ml


Description: Fonte Margherita is based on few principals which are the respect of the ambience and the natural balance of the premium water. The bottling of this great product is only in glass and carton box with is the core point for recycling and saving the enviroment. 

The water source is located at 570m above the sea level, on the 'small Dolomites' where is admirable to see the water straight from natural stones.

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place


Composition in mg/litre 

  • 179 Sulphates
  • 231 Bicarbonates
  • 83 Calcium
  • 31 Magnesium
  • 1.2 Sodium
  • 5.5 Silica
  • 1 Potassium
  • 0.05 Flouride

pH (at source)

  • 7.6pH Ph