Pastificio del Colle - Sviolinate - 250g


Main Info:

Origin: Puglia

Producer: Pastificio del Colle

Flavour profile: Unique, Delicate, Versatile

Size: 250g

Serving Portions: 2 - 3 portions (80g to 120g per portion)

Description: This beautiful handmade pasta from Pastificio del Colle, is wide, long and twisted and has beautifully coloured stripes on one side, and is plain coloured on the back side. Al colours come from natural ingredients. The high quality of durum wheat guarantees a highly reduced amount of gluten which makes Pastificio del Colle's Pasta much easier to digest compared to regular, store bought pasta.

Pastificio del Colle produces naturally coloured pasta with no additives, using tomato or paprika for red, beetroots for purple, saffron or turmeric for yellow and spinach for green. They are added to dough made of quality durum wheat before it is pressed into traditional bronze dies for various shapes

Ingredients: Durum Wheat, Water, Spinach, Apple, Spirulina, Paprika, Beetroot, Turmeric

Our Recommendation: It can be combined with any kind of sauce, from just EVOO and garlic to vegetable, meat and seafood sauces.

Allergens: NA

Cooking Instructions: Bring a pan of generously salted water to the boil. Once boiling is time to add pasta and cook for until al dente(cooking time indicated on packaging). Remove using a colander. Add the pasta to the pan with your chosen sauce. Carefully combine and add some pasta water if needed. Plate up and finish with your favourite grated cheese and a drizzle of BenVenuti E.V.O.O.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place and consume by use-by date.

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