Mortadella Bologna IGP with Pistachio 150g


Main Info:

Origin: Emilia-Romagna

Flavour profile: Meaty, Nutty

Size: 150grm

Meat: Pork


Description: Most traditionally known as Mortadella Bologna PGI. beautifully flavoured with a handful of pistachio nuts, this great cut of Mortadella a is a delicious treat. One of the most required charcuterie selection due to its unique flavor and consistency. Delicious to be paired 


Our Recommendation: Delicious on its own, our Mortadella from Bologna is also one of the best topping for a slice of warm focaccia or to be combined with burrata and pistacchio crumbles for a great starter. Obviously, a must to include among the selection in a charcuterie board. In some cases can  be dice it instead of slicing it!


Allergens: Sulphites.