Dried Yeast - Caputo 100g


Main Info:

Origin: Campania

Producer: Caputo

Size: 100g

Description: Ensure your dough has the perfect rise, taste and texture with Caputo yeast. This instant yeast is remarkably consistent and has a high fermenting power for making soft, tasty dough.

To use, mix it into your flour, no water required. It comes in a resealable package, so it's easy to store between uses and remains stable for use over a long period of time.


Ingredients: 100% Italian Yeast, Emulsifier


Our Recommendation: Mix it trough flour, it doesn't need to be dissolved in water beforehand. Also recommended for gluten free recipes.

In 500g of Flour;

Dosage; 3 teaspoons for 4hrs rising time

               2 teaspoons for 8hrs rising time

               1 teaspoon for 12hrs rising time

Storage: Store in a dry and cool place. After opening store in the fridge 0/+10 C.  Use within 2 months