Coppo - Barbera d’Asti l’Avvocata 2020


Main Info:

Origin: Piedmont

Producer: Coppo

Vintage: 2020

Flavour profile: Delicate, Fruity

Size: 700ml

Grape: Barbera


Description: A juicy red-purple wine, with hints of blackberry and flashes of violet, blueberry, pomegranate and spices. Complex yet fresh and smooth; well balanced and lengthy on the palate


The name of this wine comes from the first owner of the vineyards: a female lawyer. A strict, authoritative and unwavering type of person, to everyone she was simply the Avvocata. It’s almost an oddity that a Barbera so carefree and young can evoke such a serious figure. It is in fact a juicy, direct and crunchy wine, which is ready to drink; the alcohol content is not overbearing and it is perfect as an everyday wine. It surprises with its excellent drinkability. 

Coppo is one of the historic companies of Canelli, a gem of Asti and Piedmontese wine in general. Moscato, therefore. But also, and above all, Barbera. In the Coppo winery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site excavated in the rocks of the Canelli hills, one breathes in the entire history of Barbera, which is common and noble at the same time. A tradition that works under the banner of continuity with a foot firmly placed in modernity

Coppo is one of the historical wineries in Canelli, an iconic winemaking town known for Asti and other Piedmont wines. Its location immediately brings to mind Moscato and, above all, Barbera wines. Coppo's spectacular wine cellars are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and were dug out into the rocky hillsides of Canelli over centuries. Nowadays they connect two modern and functional installations; the winery and the family villa, creating an architectural complex which exemplifies the history of the Barbera grape variety.


Our Recommendation:  Serve between 16ºC and 18ºC

Perfect with bread and salami, stewed baby octopus, meatballs with peas.


Allergens: Sulphites