Colatura di Alici- Anchovies Oil - 100ml


Main Info:

Origin: Campania

Flavour profile: Fishy, Rich, Intense

Size: 100ml

Description: Colatura di Alici, a delicious preparation that comes from a centuries-old tradition. The anchovies caught during the spring on the Mediterranean seat, by the fishing boats of Napoli, are processed a few hours after capture. The anchovies are eviscerated and subsequently arranged on oak, alternating them with layers of sea salt.


Ingredients: Anchovies, Sea Salt


Our Recommendation: The most traditional way to use this fantastic product is to be combined with Bottarga and Lemon on delicious Spaghetti! Super easy to be made!

Also great to be used on salad and bruschetta!


Allergens:  Fish


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from any source of heat