Cerignola Olives 200g



Main Info:

Origin: Puglia

Flavour profile: Mild, Buttery and crisp

Size: 250g

Cultivar: Bella Di Cerignola


Description: Large green table olives from the region of Puglia in south-eastern Italy, where they are known as the "Barilotto" (barrel or Firkin). Outside of Italy, we call them Bella di Cerignola, after the Puglian town. The ample flesh is firm and juicy, while the flavour is noticeably mild and pleasant, with the olive’s large size making for a generous eating experience. Try gently frying in olive oil with a sprig of rosemary, a little lemon zest and whole garlic cloves, then allow them to cool a little before serving.

NB. This olive mix contains stones.


Ingredients: Cerignola Olives, Salt.


Our Recommendation: An iconic olive quality, meaty and delicious. the perfect combination to be paired with Charcuteries and flavourful charcuteries & cheeses, such as San Daniele Ham &  Parmigiano Reggiano aged 36 Months

Allergens: NA

Storage: Store refrigerated max +4C