Cotto Ham - Premium Cooked Ham 150g



Main Info:

Origin: Emilia Romagna

Meat: Pork

Flavour profile: Fresh, Aromatic, Delicate

Size: 150g


Description: Farmhouse High Quality Cooked Ham with a marbled appearance, made from the best fresh pork legs coming from strictly selected suppliers.

Gluten free, no added water, no added polyphosphates, no milk derivatives and no added glutamate

Most production process phases are done by hand as in the past, with a perfect marriage of craftsmanship and efficiency. 

Traditional recipes are the result of a century of attentive research that has let us achieve genuine products with compact slices that are at the same time soft and tasty.

The aromatic profile of the meat is not covered up by intrusive aromas but rather is enhanced by the very best spices that delight even the most demanding palates.



Ingredients: Pork, Seal Salt


Our Recommendation:  Cotto Ham is an incredible cut of cold meats which area very versatile and delicious. Try it in Pasta with Panda (double cream), ideal for sandwiches and aperitif. One of our highly recommended combination is in between delicious focaccia with tomatoes and mozzarella.


Allergens: NA


Storage: Keep it refrigerated 0 / 4C - recommended to be consumed in 4/6 days from purchase.