BenVenuti - Biscuits - Baci di Dama bag


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Main Info:

Origin: Piedmont

Flavour profile: Nutty. Creamy, Rich

Size: 200g


Description: Two crumbly roasted hazelnut biscuits, deliciously bonded with rich chocolate cream. Known as ‘Ladies Kisses’ they remain true to the original recipe of the Royal House in the 1900’s using hazelnut and almond flour. This is a unique biscuit brand using traditional handcrafted recipes, reinterpreted with the highest quality raw ingredients.


Ingredients: Hazelnut, Cocoa, Milk, Eggs, Flour


Our Recommendation: These delicious biscuit are the perfect match for a sweet breakfast or to enhance for your tea time offer! Try it after dinner and indulge yourself


Allergens: Nuts, Dairy, Eggs