Guanciale 150g


Main Info:

Origin: Lazio

Flavour profile: Meaty, Unique, Rich

Size: 150g


Description: Guanciale is an Italian cured meat, prepared from pork jowl or cheeks. Its name is derived from guancia, the Italian word for 'cheek'.

The cheek is rubbed with salt and spices (typically ground black or red pepper, thyme or fennel seeds) and cured for three weeks or until it loses approximately 30% of its original weight.

Its flavour is stronger than other pork products, such as Pancetta, and its texture is more delicate. Upon cooking, the fat typically melts away and helps any recipe to enhance unique flavours.


Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Black Pepper and different spices


Our Recommendation: The most traditional recipe to use Guanciale is the delicious Carbonara recipe. However, we find it in many Italian recipes, such as Amatriciana and Gricia. We highly recommend this to be thinly sliced and paired with a mild cheese.



Storage: Keep it refrigerated 0/4 C degree. Consume it in a week from purchase to extract the best flavours.